Sun 26 May 2024 - 18 Dhul Qidah 1445AH
Prayer الصلاةFajr الفجرSunrise الشروقZuhr الظهرAsr العصرMaghrib المغربIsha العشاء
Begins الأذان3:00 am4:51 am1:03 am5:16 pm9:05 pm10:19 pm
Jamā‘ah الإقامة3:20 am1:30 am5:36 pm9:12 pm10:45 pm
Sun 26 May 2024 - 18 Dhul Qidah 1445AH
Prayer الصلاة Begins الأذان Jamā‘ah الإقامة
Fajr الفجر3:00 am 3:20 am
Sunrise الشروق4:51 am
Zuhr الظهر1:03 am 1:30 am
Asr العصر5:16 pm 5:36 pm
Maghrib المغرب9:05 pm 9:12 pm
Isha العشاء10:19 pm 10:45 pm

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Identifying and fulfilling various needs of the local Muslim community. Tackling misconception and misrepresentation of Islam and bridging gaps between local Non-Muslims by promoting a real understanding of Islam. Educate young children to prepare them for the future to preserve and practice Islam in their daily lives. Create a conducive environment for effective interaction between Muslims and non-Muslims.

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